Just back from Lotusphere 2010, incredible week.

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Jeff and I learned some amazing things down at Lotusphere this year. The big news at the show is - XPages in Domino. These new design elements have been improved in a number of ways in version 8.5.1 of Domino. XPages will fundementally change the way web and client development is done on this platform. We will begin a series of blog posts hightlghting some of the knowledge that we acquired down in Orlando. Keep posted as we will provide snippets of information that will save time and effort when building applications on the Lotus Domino 8.X platform with XPages.


Spoke Too Soon

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Well, I spoke too soon. My fix didn't work. There was already a call to ComputeWithForm further up in the agent (before all the fields had been set), but my additional call at the end didn't make a difference. The same problems were exhibited my last email posting. I guess this will take a bit more digging.


Update to Blogsphere Template

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I found a small problem with the email interface to the Blogsphere template from openNTF.org. It appears that incoming messages are not processed into postings correctly. Specifically, certain fields are not set even though it looks right from the Notes interface. In the blog entries view there is an error in the data column. On the web, the link in the confirmation email doesn't work. The new blog posting shows on the homepage, but it is not listed in the "Recent Postings" side block.

I remedied the problem by adding a ComputeWithForm call to the ProcessEmail function in the Agnt_Sched_ProcessEmails agent:

success = blogentryDoc.ComputeWithForm( False, False )
If success Then
 Call blogentryDoc.Save(True,True)
End If

This fix doesn't solve the problem of the bad link in the confirmation email, but I'll save that for another day

NOTE: This was submitted via email


Test of Blog Posting From Email

Hello all, This is a blog post from my email that I am sending in remotely. I wonder if this will work.



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